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National Groundwater Awareness Week

This week is National Groundwater Awareness Week, and we want to spread the word about how important our groundwater is in the Five County area.

Since so many people have their own wells, and groundwater is a precious resource, it is important to understand how to protect it.

What Is Groundwater & Why Is It Important

Groundwater is the water that fills openings in the soil, sand, and bedrock.

For those of us with wells, our drinking water comes from groundwater. Most groundwater flows into rivers, streams, and lakes from within the earth.

How To Protect Groundwater

  1. If your home has a well, test the water annually. Be sure to test it if there are any changes in the taste or smell.
  2. When using pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, use only the recommended amounts. Do not over apply.
  3. When handling hazardous substances, do so on concrete to avoid groundwater infiltration, and avoid runoff from any accidental spills.
  4. Contact proper local waste authorities to dispose of hazardous substances such as paint, oil, or antifreeze. Do not dump them on the ground, pour them down a drain, or flush them down the toilet.
  5. If you have a septic tank, have it cleaned and serviced every two years. This will help prevent a break that could pollute groundwater.

As you can see, our groundwater truly is a precious resource. Help spread the word, download and share our PDF: national-groundwater-awareness-week



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